The history of Sandalia Cyclades

Born in France but having fallen in love with Greece, Florence, the co-founder of Sandalia Cyclades worked for many years as an agent for major brands of women’s ready-to-wear clothing in Paris before creating Sandalia Cyclades.

The history of Sandalia Cyclades is bound up with the story of when Florence met Andreas, born in Greece and the co-founder of the brand in 2013. Committed to the values of authenticity and quality, Andreas is the production specialist.

Sharing a love for nature, the sea and life in the Cyclades Islands, the pair joined forces to create a brand imbued with simplicity, femininity and modernity.

Bringing together a touch of ‘French fashion’ with Greek tradition and expertise, together they have created a true brand with a unique vision which is committed to customer satisfaction.

The Cycladic Lifestyle

Sandalia Cyclades Sandals are thoughtfully designed on Syros Island, the capital of the Cyclades Islands, and handmade in our workshop in Athens.

We manufacture our own products to ensure you the best quality down to the last detail. That’s what makes us special.

We select our leathers for quality, texture and longevity. We only source from tanneries with a proven track record in terms of traceability in France, Italy and Spain.

We celebrate craftsmanship and create a style which endures, rather than chase after current trends. This is what gives our designs their timelessness.

We take extra care and are obsessive about attention to detail.
In the context of today’s fast fashion, we seek small productions and durability instead.